Chicmonster could have been content to create a fun little puzzle game to give away for free, but there's a whole lot more to Charmixy: Witch Academy than just that. I mean, witches don't just use magical powers to make sure they win at tile-based puzzle games. You've also got to learn to duel, cook, and explore, all while hanging out with the other witches and making friends. Maybe you could even unearth a threat to the school while you're at it. It's a busy life learning to be a young witch, but at least the free admission means you won't need to get a part-time job as a necromancer's assistant at the graveyard to support yourself.


Charmixy: Witch Academy has a focus on puzzle combat for its dueling between wizards. Still, playing around with tiles is something most normal, non-witchy folks could do just fine, so this game uses charms and spells to give you enhanced abilities during the game to make it more customizable and give you an advantage. With that ability to customize your play style also comes the ability to change up your witch. This is your version of yourself at the school, so you can play around with your race, gender identity, hair color, or whatever else suits you as you begin your studies. With a fully-realized storyline to play through, the developers really want this to feel like your story, and have included as many customization options as possible to make anyone playing feel comfortable and at home as the protagonist.


If dueling's not your favorite thing, there's still a lot to do in the game. You can talk with the other students and create friendships, or you can also play around with the game's cooking system. There's also the catacombs under the school where you can face off against monsters and explore to see what's down there. Chicmonster is working on a lot of stuff for a game they intend to give away for free, so if any of this sounds like fun, you may want to go try out the demo or donate to the Kickstarter. It's about time you unleashed that cute little inner witch, isn't it?

Charmixy: Witch Academy's alpha demo is available on For more information on the game and Chicmonster, you can head to the developer's page or follow them on YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also donate to the game's development on Kickstarter.