9c5cf2f700017b3abacbce2d2367c8cf_original.jpgThis week's trailer roundup has a higher number of Kickstarter projects than usual, most of which have already passed Greenlight. The games that are out cover a decent variety of game types, though.

Dimension Drive
Windows, Mac, Linux | €10+ | December 2015 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

A shmup in which the player warps back and forth between two similar yet different dimensions.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $14+ | December 2016 | Kickstarter

From the developer: "Izle is a 3D procedural action-adventure RPG where your quest is to rebuild the last world of Light using terraforming powers.". It's already been Greenlit.

Magic Shot
iOS | $3 | Available now

This is a variation on French Billiards, in which the goal is to hit the red and yellow balls with the cue ball in one shot. However, unlike a real pool table, this table takes on a new random shape for each attempt.

Paper Dungeons
Windows, Mac, Linux | reg. $10 | Available now

This dungeon crawler has four different game modes and a host of custom editing abilities. One thing in the trailer that caught my eye is the ability to collect and equip different dice. Paper Dungeons is currently 30% off on Steam for its launch.

Windows, Mac | $TBA | May 27, 2015

From the developer: "Rituals is a 3D puzzle-exploration-adventure about the relation between civilisation and nature. It aims to be a gripping, memorable and meaningful experience with story told through gameplay and interaction."

Star Ruler 2
Windows, Linux | $25 | Available now

A 4X/RTS hybrid set in space.

Teddy Terror
Windows | €5+ | October 2015 | Kickstarter

This roguelite is about using the traps in the environment to kill the things coming after you. It's already been Greenlit.

Telepath Tactics
Windows, Mac, Linux | $15 | Available now

From the developer: "Telepath Tactics is an indie turn-based strategy RPG with deep, deterministic mechanics and smoothly animated pixel art, set in an oddball steampunk universe where generals use telepathy to relay their orders and knights ride atop giant, armored praying mantises."

Windows | $10+ | March 2016 | Kickstarter

From the developer: "Wildfire is a stealth platformer where you have the ability to control fire. As this rare, latent power unexpectedly manifests within you, you'll find yourself pursued by a deadly army of swordswomen, skilled archers, and their vicious, trained animals, who fear what you are capable of. Sneak in shadows, creep through tall grass, and conceal yourself in smoke as you summon fire to terrify enemies. Use their fear against them to create opportunities to slip past, or trick them into their own demise - but be careful that the fires you start don't grow out of control and scorch everything in their path - including you!" Wildfire has already been Greenlit.