gongbat.gifThis week's trailer round up includes bright colors, silly physics, some voxels, and more.

Cloud Knights
Windows, Mac | reg. $7 | Available now

From the developer: "Cloud Knights is a physics-based fighting game where the player gets to fight the Undead Invaders by simply swinging their arms around and using nothing but the weapon attached to it to navigate the floating arenas. The game includes Campaign, Survival and Dueling modes and each of them can also be played with two players locally."

Forge Quest
Windows, Mac, Linux | $10 | Early Access

A single- and multi-player action RPG with a voxel aesthetic. The developers expect to launch out of early access soon.

Windows | Free | Available now

This sidescrolling shooter was developed by a teenager over the course of nine months in his free time.

Windows | $15 | Available now

A strategy RPG with lovely art. It appears to focus on controlling sections of territory and building up unit strength a la Risk.

Melancholy Republic
Windows | £15+ | April 2016 | Kickstarter

I featured Melancholy Republic, a story-driven game about trying to hold a city together in interesting times, in a previous trailer roundup. This is a new video and a longer one, but it does a much better job of explaining what the developers are trying to achieve with the game. They've launched a new Kickstarter with a goal of raising $7,500 and have already been Greenlit.

Windows, Mac, Xbox One | $TBA | Release TBA

This one is to be a local multiplayer shooter in which everything revolves around a singularity in the middle of the screen.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $10 | Available now

A block-pushing puzzle game with multiple characters with different abilities and the ability to play in co-op mode. This one has also been in a previous trailer roundup, but it's now available for purchase.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $5+ | June 2015 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

Black Shell Media, the creators of Overture and SanctuaryRPG, are working on an action platformer about bouncing around colorful 3D environments with an object that is both pogo stick and gun. Not at the same time, though; the player must choose which function to use at any given time.

iOS, Android | Free (ads) | Available now

From the developer: "WRASSLING is a wacky physics-based game about wrassling as many opponents out of the ring as possible, while trying to remain inside the ring yourself. Why are you doing this? Well, I'll let the official WRASSLING guidelines answer that: Wrassling is the national sport of Slamdovia, champion wrasslers are regarded as the strongest athletes in the world. Many will attempt to master Wrassling and even more will fail."

Windows, Mac, Linux | $8 | Early access

Zenzizenzic is a bullet hell shooter that recently hit early access on Steam and will be in early access for about four months.