There are a handful of documentaries that have managed to keep me up through the night and GameLoading - Rise of the Indies is the first one about gaming that actually did so. It's a very competently filmed and unexpectedly interesting movie loosely built around the journey of the Train Jam and featuring games and indie developers from around the world. Well, mainly the US and Europe admittedly, but still -- the will to cover as much ground as possible is evident and commendable.

From Vlambeer and Mike Bithell to the Stanley Parable and PAX, GameLoading provides viewers with a comprehensive view of the indie gaming world, which happily includes its less than luxuriant aspects too. You'll see overworked programmers getting stressed, creative people striving to complete their projects, gamers having fun and artists hoping against all odds to financially survive. You'll even see success happening.

Also, you'll get to peek into the lives of all those people responsible for some of the best and most intriguing games of the past years, in a straightforward and well thought out documentary that seems to have accomplished all of its goals. This, mind you, is a movie for both devs and gamers.