Ah, the middle of the night in an inn in an RPG. It's a time of exposition - of characters confessing their deepest thoughts on conflict, love, and the days to come. No one is coming to talk to you in Candlelight Studios' The Empty Inn, though. This isn't a night when someone is going to tell you how they really feel about the main character, BUTT (just because you have four letters and can call the characters anything doesn't mean you SHOULD), but one filled with subtle terror as you stumble your way through the dark. Who shut off all the lights, anyway? And why is this inn so empty?


Players of The Empty Inn find themselves inside the abandoned location from the game's title, and will have to keep a candle lit while exploring the dark place and solving puzzles within it. Candlelight Studios hasn't said much beyond that, but I'm still intrigued at the idea of solving puzzles and finding items in the game's early RPG style. Especially the finding items. Who doesn't love walking into a stranger's house in an RPG and taking their stuff? Screw you for trying to make me feel bad about it, Ultima: Quest of the Avatar. If you leave it in a chest and don't lock your front door, it's mine.


Even though there's little information to go on, something about The Empty Inn's presentation makes it look very uncomfortable. The sound of the rain, the dim glow of your candle, and the quiet inn build a powerful dread, even just from the trailer. It reminds me of the moments spent in Kalekka (Suikoden), an empty, ruined town in a world filled with bustling villages. That emptiness feels at odds with the normal cities of most RPGs, and even though the only thing most people in these towns say is the equivalent of "Mountains're nice", at least you're not alone. Are you actually alone as you rifle through the chests and drawers of The Empty Inn, though? That question will keep me moving forward through the blackened halls of this old inn when the game comes out.

You can preorder The Empty Inn for $4.99 on the game's site. For more information on the game and Candlelight Studios, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.