Hyperspace Invaders II's enemies don't seem particularly concerned about you. They're just trying to savor the music, and here you come barging in with your laser guns and your side blasters and you just mess everything up. Most of them don't even shoot directly at you, firing slow-moving shots willy-nilly in hopes that one will hit you and make you stop wrecking their fun. I mean, just because it's fun to weave through tight spaces and blast your way through these glowing geometric shapes as they pulse to the beat doesn't mean you should. Then again, I guess they do kill you just for bumping into them, so I guess they're jerks too. All right, grab your ship and let's blast some folks.


Determined to wreck their fun, are you? Well, luckily gameplay is straightforward, right on down to the ship firing for you. You need to guide it around and just put enemies in line with your fire. For every one you down, a little blue power-up drops that zips over to you, and getting enough of those increases the spread and power of your basic beam. Enemies also drop larger yellow balls that you can pick up to add angled fire to your shots, which makes clearing the crowd easier. Still, if you feel like pulling the trigger, you can fire a really powerful beam that you need to use to cut down enemy shots or just deal a lot of damage. This drains your power-up meter, so you need to be real careful using it or you'll never get the new, more powerful basic weapon you've been dreaming of. You really have to think about whether it's worth digging out the big guns in this game.


Slinking around and grabbing power-ups while avoiding shots and enemies gets hard in a hurry. While the enemies aren't fast or particularly interested in you, there's enough of them that it's hard not to bump into someone. At least they look nice while floating around, as each of them adds blinking lights and varied colors to the gameplay, making the screen pulse like a light show at a club (except without some idiot spilling your beer). It's tough, has great tunes from several artists along with Atomhead, and is hard to look away from once the action gets intense and colors burst everywhere. You pay what you like for it, too, although I think you could part with a couple of bucks for the kind of craziness Hyperspace Invaders II offers, right?

Hyperspace Invaders II is available for whatever you want to pay for it on Itch.io. For more information on the game and Atomhead, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, their itch.io profile, or follow them on Facebook, Google +, and YouTube.