fb.pngLifewonders is a recently established Japanese indie developer whose mission is to create games for LGBT people. Their initial offering is a JRPG called Shoukan Yuusha to F-kei Kareshi, or Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth. The game already exists and is available on the Japanese iOS and Android marketplaces, but they want to go global and are looking for backers to help them speed up the process of making and marketing an English translation.

system04_en.pngFantastic Boyfriends is an old-school styled JRPG with a branching storyline and a focus on homosexual males, but in the future Lifewonders plans to expand its efforts to a myriad of genres and a wide spectrum of types of people and relationships. They hope that if the project succeeds, it will help convince others that there is an audience for different kinds of romantic relationships in games.

system06_en.pngLifewonders has already raised 25% of its $20,000 goal in its fixed funding Indiegogo campaign. None of the backer rewards include a copy of the game. Instead, backers are offered copies of the soundtrack and art-related digital and physical goods.

[Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth]