What does it feel like to have your dreams come true, only to have them cruelly crushed in the same day? Ask 2Awesome Studio, developers behind Dimension Drive, as a surprise donation seemed to have saved their Kickstarter campaign during its final day, only to turn out to be fraudulent. Their funding lost, it looked like it would be the last we heard of the unique shmup, but the developers got right back into the thick of things days later, revitalizing their Kickstarter campaign yet again. Now, already over halfway to their goal and only two days in, things are looking much more hopeful and bright.


Dimension Drive is a shmup that takes place on two screens at once, with your ship able to jump from one world to the other to avoid danger. A small light will mark the place you'd appear on the next screen should you decide to teleport, and if you find yourself in too much trouble from an oncoming asteroid or flurry of enemy fire, off you go. Doing so costs energy, though, so don't expect to just flit in and out of trouble at will. Also, there's danger on both screens, so you'll need to watch your position in two different places at the same time to know when to switch. It might initially sound like you're able to easily run from trouble, but instead, you're stuck fighting two separate battles at the same time, carefully considering two positions instead of just one.


There's more to Dimension Drive than just straight shmup action, too. There are stages that focus more on hazards, working like puzzles as you weave a careful route between laser defenses and crushing traps. There are also defensive levels where you must protect (ugh) placements and objects, adding even more things for you to watch out for. Adding all of these little twists to the gameplay to a deep story of galactic conflict told in a hand-drawn, motion comic style means that Dimension Drive could be a solid shmup should 2Awesome Studio hit their goal this time. Considering how things are going so far, things are looking good for our plucky pilot.

For more information on Dimension Drive and 2Awesome Studio, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also donate to their all-new Kickstarter campaign.