Music-driven games are definitely not new to the gaming world, but there are a few that manage to innovate and create a unique and exciting experience. Drive Any Track takes any .mp3 that you have and creates a track based on a detailed analysis of the core components of the song. A fast-paced game at its core, even a second's distraction can put you off the track and reset your precious score multiplier. Race against yourself or the ghosts of the best players in the world in this adrenaline-fueled rhythm racer driven entirely by the music you choose.

Drive Any Track features a lineup of seven unique cars. Cars feature unique styles that change depending on the genre of music that is currently being played. While some cars can be purchased with tokens, a form of currency that you can collect as a pickup while on the racetrack, others feature secret unlock methods that you must figure out in order to gain access. There is also talk of cars that are tied to certain secret songs, so I can only hope that we'll be able to see some iconic vehicles in the game.


Placing your songs into the game is as easy as can be, and allows you to search your computer for the location of any music you would like to play. The game also keeps track of your recently played songs, meaning that you won't have to go back and select them again if you'd like to try to beat your score. The genre of music that you place into the game directly contributes to the layout, color, and obstacles that will be featured in the level. This ensures that as long as you don't run out of music, you will always have a fresh track to race on with new surprises and challenges.

Checkpoints are handled in the form of verses and choruses, meaning that specific spots in the song will generate checkpoints in the level. As you are speeding through your track, you will see various sync bars appear, which tell you if you are keeping up with the beat of the song. Staying in sync is extremely important to maintain a high score multiplier, and the speed of the song directly affects the difficulty and speed needed to keep up.


Performing stunts such as rolls or drifts will net you points depending on the length of the stunt. While I found the drifting to be really well done, the jumps and rolls often led to me flying off of the track and losing my multiplier. The jumps are the most clunky mechanic, which often leave you landing in a terrible position while being extremely difficult to control where you will end up. With this being said, the drifting is extremely tight and provides just the right amount of challenge to control. I often found myself messing up a fantastic drift, but always understood exactly what I had done wrong, never feeling like the controls were to blame.

While there is no multiplayer implemented at this time, you have the ability to challenge the ghosts of your friends in an attempt to beat their high-score. I was unable to test the feature, as there were no others online who have played the songs I have, so I cannot comment on whether or not the ghost feature is solid. Being an arcade racer, there is a distinct emphasis placed on gathering the highest score possible. Performing stunts and staying in sync will reward you with the highest score, so replaying your favorite tracks is definitely something that you'll want to do.


One mechanic that I found interesting was that the first person to create a track based on a song gains a "Creator" status, meaning that people will always know who the first to play a particular song was. This is a great way to get people to try new music, as well as a nice nod to those who support the game on its initial launch. I will definitely be looking for interesting and obscure songs in the future to attain that coveted "Creator" status.

As a result of Drive Any Track releasing into Early Access, we cannot expect a full implementation of features immediately. Currently, the game will only detect three genres: Rock, Dance, and Urban. This means that regardless of the song, it will always adhere to one of those three archetypes and generate the level based on the properties of the genre. However, there are already plans to support additional genres in the near future, as well as a ton of other upgrades to the game. Things such as extra cars, stunts, skyboxes, and improved visuals are well on the way.


Drive Any Track is a fantastic bit of fun. I'm pretty sure at one point I didn't blink for an hour, and the game was so engrossing I didn't even notice. The eye-melting visuals combined with the music of your choice make for a great experience. Those times when you want to game, but also feel like listening to some music are gone. Drive Any Track has solved that problem by allowing you to create interesting tracks based on your songs and providing a fantastic racing game that is built on that foundation. While I don't typically find myself enjoying music games, I know without a doubt that I will be back to play more of Drive Any Track.

Drive Any Track will be releasing onto Steam Early Access on May 21st.