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It's not hard to come across a new survival game these days. Steam Greenlight is a treasure trove of them, and it can be genuinely overwhelming to try and find one that is worthwhile. This is a field which requires something to stand out; simply being good isn't enough to rise to the top of the sheer mass of titles available. The usual trappings of the genre, permanent death, multiple attributes to manage, and crafting, simply aren't enough to maintain the player's appeal in among it all. British developer Mojo Bones is tackling this field in their upcoming Greenlit title Impact Winter, and they've released a new developer diary to show off some of the more interesting hooks of their game.

Mojo Bones are trying to create a more dynamic survival experience, while maintaining a distinct beginning and end to the narrative of Impact Winter. To that end the game will feature randomized elements like weather effects and scavenge sites, and also story events that will require you to make significant choices at times throughout the game. This even system should keep the story lively and unique for each player as they work their way towards keeping their group of survivors alive, working together in a mostly buried abandoned church as the apocalyptic snow continues to fall.

They've been providing periodic updates to their progress in the game in the form of YouTube Dev Diary videos, and they recently have released their second such video. This video features an example of one such event that can occur in the game, as well as the Ako-light robotic drone companion which functions as your radar, crafting information, organization and your link back to the NPC survivors back at the church.

The story focuses on the aftermath of an asteroid crashing to the earth in Manitoba. This catastrophe and the debris sent into the sky by the fallout from the collision caused the titular Impact Winter. With the sun blocked off, the plant life all but killed off, the earth has been getting covered more in more in snow, and survival has become increasingly difficult for those people left. The survivors in Impact Winter need your guidance to make it through thirty days at the church, when help arrives.

Even early on, the game looks visually impressive, with solid lighting effects, good animations, and subtle touches like misty breaths from the characters emphasizing the sheer unbearable cold. There's a definite sense of cataclysmic terror in the game, and the task of surviving should be genuinely challenging. If everything goes according to plan, this should be a game that you can play through again and again, and enjoy having the story play out different times depending on what events occur. I look forward to following this game more as it comes along in development, as I think it's going to be quite memorable in the long run. Mojo Bones might have stumbled across something very special buried deep beneath the snow in Impact Winter.