Featuring a unique combination of shoot-em-up and puzzle mechanics, Galacide warped its way onto Early Access on April 24th. Since then, it has done a great job of attracting an audience with the unique gameplay experience that it offers. Galacide plays like a side-scrolling space shooter combined with a block matching puzzle game, which results in an experience that is not only unique, but extremely entertaining as well. The latest update to the game implemented a third ship variety known as the Phase Ship, which features the ability to phase through blocks while also leaving a decoy behind to distract enemies.

For those who have not had the opportunity to play Galacide, it may be a bit difficult to understand how the game plays. At the start, you select which ship you would like to use. There are now three unique ships as of this update: Mining ship, Freighter, and Phase Ship. The mining ship is your standard ship, and features a tractor beam ability which you can use to draw scrap towards you. Scrap is a piece of the bitwall that you can collect from destroying enemies, and can be used to create matches and remove sections of the wall to allow progress. The freighter is a larger ship, and is more difficult to play. It can take more damage than the mining ship, and also has the ability to store pieces of scrap for later use. This means that you can make sure you have the right piece of scrap for every situation. Finally, we have the phase ship, which has the ability to phase through sections of the bitwall, which is extremely valuable if you find yourself stuck with no scrap.


The addition of another ship variety less than two weeks after launch is a good indication of the level of devotion the guys and girls at Puny Human have for their project. Upon interacting with the team at the East Coast Game Conference in April, it was obvious to tell that Galacide is a project that they are all passionate about. This hopefully will result in numerous updates as time goes on, and it will be interesting to see the game change from update to update.

On top of adding the Phase Ship, Puny Human have also implemented a graphical adjustment to the game's endless mode. They felt as if the environment did not do a great job of reflecting how far you had gotten, which often made the players feel as if they weren't making any progress at all. In order to address this, they decided to add a background shift after each wave in order to give the level a more ominous feel, which does a great job of reflecting the difficulty. If you are interested in the process behind the environmental changes, have a look at this video.


The final change made in the build 3 update was the implementation of the high score menu. This allows players to track their scores against the rest of the community, and features separate views for single player, multiplayer, and allows sorting by difficulty. For a score-based game such as Galacide, the addition of a scoreboard was a necessity, and it's great to see that they have managed to get it working in game.

On top of the changes made in the latest update, it has also been announced that the developers at Puny Human are working on the first boss for the game. Known as the Mining Snake, this boss will feature the ability to inhale scrap from the level, taking it away from the player, which it can then use to fire a powerful shot that will inflict heavy damage. While not much other information regarding the boss has been released, it definitely looks like a lot of progress is being made, so expect to see the boss in the not-too-distant future.

boss concept_Galacide.jpg

Galacide is now in Early Access on Steam, and can be purchased for $9.99.