functor2.jpgThis set of games from Ludum Dare 32 (theme: An Unconventional Weapon) has a high ridiculousness quotient. A couple of them have Unity Web Player options, but Unity Web Player no longer runs in Chrome by default. Most of these require downloads; none of them require installation.

Dream Extension Finger
Windows | Compo

def.jpgFrom the game's description: "Clancy woke up one day to discover that, miraculously, his right index finger could extend and retract to a massive degree. Naturally, he did the only thing he believed was right. He went around poking living things to the point of spontaneous combustion."

Fatal Attraction
Web (non-Unity) | Compo

fatal.jpgThis game looks like an asteroids clone at first glance, but it is far from it. The ship has two weapons; one can make an asteroid the new source of gravity and the other can make an asteroid repel the ship to help it move faster. The goal is simply to survive for as long as possible.

Floppy Man
Windows, Mac, Linux, Web (Unity) | Compo

floppyman.jpgFloppy Man is utterly ridiculous. The player avatar is a ragdoll-physics-enabled naked human mannequin that slides along left and right at the player's command. The player must use the environment to get this floppy man through an obstacle course. What it lacks in sense, it makes up for in comedy.

Windows, Linux | Jam

functor.jpgThe planet's towers are increasing in height at random and your job is to shorten them. The only block on a tower that you can destroy at any given time is the bottom one. Depending on its color, you must raise or lower the ground below it by pelting the planet surface with a mathematical formula, one of two available to you at any given time. It's mathy, but visually so and you can't take too long to think about it or the towers will reach critical height.

Windows, Mac, Linux | Jam

icecream.jpgThis is a cute endless runner in which you run adorable anthropomorphic animals over with an ice cream truck. It doesn't seem to have an end unless you crash or run off the track, but it's fun.

Mutiny on Samovar V
Windows, Mac, Web (Unity) | Jam

mosv.jpgMutiny on Samovar V is a local multiplayer game. The two characters have the same base control set for getting around the arena and attacking the other player, but one player can rotate the arena and the other player can change the direction of gravity. Don't die first!

Purging Cuddle Kingdoms
Windows | Compo

pck.jpgIn this top-down shooter, you must use your magnet to steal enemies' weapons so you can use them as projectiles against your foes.

Quiver of Claws
Windows, Web (non-Unity) | Jam

qoc.jpgA burly cat warrior requires but one weapon: arrows. Sometimes the arrows drop rhinos on his enemies.

Rude Bear Raid
Windows, Web (Unity) | Jam

rbr.jpgFrom the creators of Rude Bear Resurrection comes Rude Bear Raid, another asynchronous multiplayer entry. This one, however, is a 2D capture the flag kind of game. At any time, the player can sacrifice their current character to place a guardian which will attack any enemies that come near. What kind of guardian is placed depends on what class the player chose.

UN Convention AL Weapon
Web (non-Unity) | Compo

uncalw.jpgFrom the game's description: "Annoyingly, someone has booby-trapped an important UN Convention document ... anywhere the letters "AL" appear, a bomb is hiding, waiting to explode! You are Agent Snow. It is your job to work through the entire document to the end and make it safe for the future of the whole world. You are equipped with the latest technology. That's right. You guessed it. You have a "UN Convention AL Weapon"."