neg3.gifJudging for Ludum Dare 32 (theme: An Unconventional Weapon) ends in a couple of days. Here are 11 more good games I've found among the over 2,800 that were submitted.

Bubble Trubble
Web (non-Unity), Windows, Mac, Linux | Compo

bt.pngNot only is Bubble Trubble a clever puzzle platformer that allows you to draw bubbles around any moving entities (including yourself) to raise them into the air, it has a fun and playful aesthetic. Finishing stages isn't always easy, but when you suceed, the game showers the screen in confetti.

Web (HTML5), Windows | Jam

crystalline2.jpgFrom the second stage of Crystalline on, the platforms from the previous stage are visible as shadows in the background. The weapon can be used to bring those platforms into the current stage or sending platforms from the current stage out, requiring the player to modify the level so they can proceed.

Disco Icecave Laser Death Tag
Web (non-Unity), Windows, Mac, Linux | Compo

dilcdt.jpgThe walls and floors are slippery. You have a jet pack and a laser. Destroy the enemies to open the portal so you can get out. Oh, by the way, some of the enemies have lasers, too, and all laser beams bounce off the walls. Have fun dodging!

Flappy Shrimp Ninja Blob VS Blue Water Saussage
Web (non-Unity) | Jam

flappyshrimp.jpgThis game is crazy, unrealistic, and great. You control the shrimp, which must attack the blue water sausage. Although water doesn't do silly stuff like obeying gravity, shrimp movement in the water uses good physics. The shrimp can't be controlled outside of water, so this game is all about the timing and angles of jumps.

Jammie Dodger
Web (non-Unity) | Jam

dodger.jpgThis is one of the most unique entries I've seen this time around. The player is a dot which is always connected to either the top line or the bottom line. Clicking fires the laser. If it hits nothing, the player moves left on whichever line they're sitting on. If they hit an asteroid (one of the dots flying around) whose color is the same as the line they're sitting on, the player will move right. If they hit an asteroid of the opposite color, they will swap lines by moving straight across. It's one of those short and brutal reflex/skill games, it's wonderful, and it's unfortunately not at all colorblind friendly.

Web (Unity), Windows, Mac, Linux | Jam | Requires controller

neg2.gifIf you like rope swinging, NEG is a game you should check out. The ropes wrap around things and let you make some cool moves. The post-compo version includes a single player mode, though the version made for the compo is multiplayer only.

Nuclear Autumn
Web (Unity), Windows, Mac, Linux | Jam

nautumn.jpgNuclear Autumn is a well-designed metroidvania platformer with probably the best use of audio cues I've encountered in a jam game. The level designs are great, the graphics do a good job of giving the player all the information they need (with the caveat that some things are not so good if you're colorblind), and the audio does a great job of setting the mood. If you like metroidvanias, definitely play this one.

Operator 42
Web (Unity), Windows, Mac | Jam

o42.jpgAll right, operator 42. You need to operate your doom weapon satellite to destroy Paris. You can do that before your shift ends, right? Cool. Talk to you later!

Windows | Jam

spheres.jpgThis entry is a short adventure game with good narration. You get attacked by strange spheres before getting flares with which to ward them off, but the game simply resurrects you if you fall.

X-11 "Gust Gunner"
Windows | Jam

x11.jpgThis is a very retro platformer in every respect, from movement to look to music. The unconventional weapon is a powerful leaf blower with recoil that can shove you off ledges or up into the air and may not actually kill the thing it's being used on. Highly recommended for fans of retro platformers.

You Are a Skunk
Web (Unity), Windows, Mac, Linux | Compo

skunk.jpgYou are a skunk. Do skunk things! There are other animals that will try to hurt you, and you must spray them with your skunk stench to protect yourself. It's a very natural explanation for an FPS in which the player can only attack things behind them, and it works out really well as a game.