Matt Gilgenbach gave us a window into his own personal fears in Neverending Nightmares, an excellent, streamlined horror game. Life is full of things to be afraid of, though. New terrors creep up as you grow older and reach new milestones. Now expecting a new child with his wife, Gilgenbach has found more reasons for sleepless nights, channeling those feelings into a new horror game that captures the unique fears of oncoming parenthood: Devastated Dreams.


How do you protect the shapeless being forming inside you? So many things can go wrong that aren't even within your control during a pregnancy, mingling fear with the excitement of a new life. Those anxieties are being mixed into Gilgenbach's striking black and white style as players are put in the shoes of a young woman who may or may not be pregnant. It's hard to say, as much of the game will likely be left up to interpretation like Gilgenbach's previous work, although he is promising a more concrete story for this game.


Devastated Dreams will focus on monsters and folklore from the Philippines, something that ties it into Gilgenbach's personal life while also giving it a unique personality. Using creatures that prey on children, born and unborn, the game is looking to make the player fear not just for themselves, but for the small life that may be growing within their avatar. It's an interesting kind of fear, drawing on the idea that, in a way, the characters we play in games are our children. We guide them and try to keep them safe, but if we fail, we still live on while our character perishes. In that, Devastated Dreams asks us to save a life within another life we're already trying to save. It's an intriguing concoction that, when combined with a folklore infrequently touched on by games, should bring some interesting scares as its development progresses.

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