It's dark. The house is supposed to be abandoned. But you hear it, footsteps creaking against worn floorboards above you. Is it the house settling? You wish it was, but you feel something in your guts, instincts stirring, churning your insides. You know something is there. You can feel the thing's presence, tracking every heavy thump on the floor overhead. You wonder if it can hear you, too. If it's listening to you murmuring to yourself, trying to comfort yourself with your own voice as the shadows clutch you tight. But you already know that it can hear you, and that it is coming your way. Slowly, slowly coming your way. If only you could see it. If only you weren't blind.


This is Perception from The Deep End Games, and it is about a blind woman named Cassie and her journey through a haunted house. The lady's pretty dang brave to go in since she's blind (I wouldn't go in and I can see just fine), but she is able to use a form of echolocation to look around the creepy environments. Through her own footsteps or by tapping her cane, she can get a sense of what's around her, letting her temporarily 'see' for short bursts. Other things will help shape the environment, with wind, rattling pipes, clock bells, and dripping water all helping guide her as she searches for the answers as to what horrible things happened in this house.


Getting around in this way would be hard enough, but there is something coming looking for you. The Presence is searching for you as you creep through the dusty rooms, and you can only hope to hide from it. Now, you're not just looking for answers that have been buried for years, but also dodging around a creature that's stalking you, and all without being able to see the world around you, relying on sound and memory to show you the way. Frightening and beautiful in its presentation, Perception's echolocation should provide for some tense moments in the dark and a unique way of looking at a game's world should it meet its funding goals through Kickstarter.

For more information on Perception and The Deep End Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter. You can also donate to the game's Kickstarter campaign.