Mobile game controls can be hit or miss, and when they're brought over to PC, they usually need some sort of adjustment to keep them engaging. Most of the time, implementing more traditional controls is a requirement, and yet it can also manage to be a stumbling point. Controls that worked okay on mobile might not translate well into keyboard and mouse setups, and that can hamper what should be a fun experience for players. Brooklyn Gamery's new title for Android and PC, Prism Shell, is doing something different in regards to its control scheme by trying to have a system in place that works consistently through whatever device you play on.

Rather than moving your tank directly, the play field is covered with nodes which your ship will immediately move towards when pressed. After leaving a node, you cannot return to it for a short period of time. This limited amount of mobility makes for some interesting combat strategy, and it also means that shooting, which is done by pressing somewhere off a node, is still simple to accomplish without needing any extra interface. While this seems like it would feel alright on mobile, on PC it takes some getting used to. It's not completely intuitive, and it feels a little unresponsive moving from node to node, especially as you get more and more enemies spawning in. With time though you'll get the hang of things and the mouse only gameplay works okay.

Visually the game is decent, with a distinct contrast aestheticaly between your tank and its bulky mechanical design and the organic look of the enemies, all of which resemble bugs of various colours and shapes and sizes. The enemies have distinct shapes to them, so you can tell at a glance which enemies are approaching, and what attacks they have, so you can prioritize your attacks and evade attacks as need be.

Prism Shell is a simple wave-based shooter, and it works fine for what it is. Every wave, more and more enemies spawn in, with new attacks, more health, and sometimes shields for you to deal with. Evasion is important, and the limited mobility really becomes relevant as you have to make sure to leave yourself enough options to move out of the way without getting cornered. If you do find yourself cornered, there is a special attack which charges up as you play and gives you a very wide, powerful laser beam that destroys bugs quickly, but it quickly drains out. On higher waves using this at the proper time is essential to progress.

The game has an upbeat, intense soundtrack to it, which meshes well with the gameplay, especially as you get deeper and deeper into the waves of enemies and more bugs and bullets are there to be avoided. The sound effects of the game aren't the best, but they work. There's enough chittering and exploding sounds to at least provide the necessary feedback as you make your way through the waves.

As you make your way through the game, you collect currency in the form of crystals which after your run ends, you can use to buy upgrades to your tank which will apply on all future runs. You can upgrade how fast you fire, how much armour you have, how fast you move from node to node, and more. These upgrades are very significant; you'll notice immediately how much more effectively you can fight off the bugs. They aren't too unreasonably priced either, so you won't find yourself stuck without new upgrades too long.

The game's only objective is to achieve a higher rank as you make your way through the waves. This is a fair challenge, and after a run the game informs you of what wave you need to reach before getting to the next rank. The ranks are fairly far apart, so there's a lot of enemies to blast before you find your way higher.

All in all, Prism Shell is a fun mobile shooter, and an okay time sink on PC. It's nothing revolutionary, and its mobile control scheme, while taking time to get used to, does translate well to mouse controls. I did find myself sometimes trying to use a keyboard control out of muscle memory, but once I got used to only using the mouse, I was able to go through wave after wave and have a good time. It's a good game to play for a few minutes now and again while you wait, especially the Android version, but it can be alright for PC arcade shooter fans wanting a little distraction now and again.