Mankind may be in chains, but that hasn't put a stop to Dr Grisgram's work building a cyborg that will save humanity. His machine, known as Siegfriend von Hammerstein, has been built with only two sets of instructions to follow: blast the mutants and chill out to psychedelic grooves. Hammerstein may be great at mowing down the sickening threats, but he can only do so while listening to some of the most laid-back, trippy tunes I've ever heard in a top-down shooter. Andrade Games promises these tracks will touch your robo soul, and I'm inclined to believe that after seeing the trailer for their free game, Sturmfront - The Mutant War.


You've fought this threat in other games before. Mutants are unkind toward humans and have filled the streets with so much gross stuff that no one wants to go outside. So, you grab your multi-use gun and start cleaning up, grabbing power-ups that spread your fire out and increase damage as you go. You play well enough and you'll get to tangle with the huge bosses that are in charge of the mutants, and all while the soothing, dream-like electronic music keeps this violence from polluting the gentle spirit that sits inside this bloodthirsty cyborg. Despite the constant enraged look on his character portrait's face, I have to believe that this bullet-firing machine of death contains a noble, peaceful soul just waiting to pick flowers and sing sonnets when the game is done. Maybe do a little LSD with Dr G, too.


Five stages stand between you and humanity breaking free from the pulsating things that have imprisoned it. Can you beat back the mutants while still holding onto your taste in groovy tunes? Will Dr G have a career in robotics when the dust settles, or will the future have little use for builders of killer cyborgs? Who is going to clean up the bodies of hundreds of robots, mutants, and creatures? Does Hammerstein prefer vinyl? Grab the free Sturmfront - The Mutant War to find out none of those things. You'll have a pretty awesome top-down shooter for zero dollars, though.

Sturmfront - The Mutant War is available for free on Itch.io. For more information on it and Andrade Games, you can head to their Itch.io profile or follow them on YouTube.