Tale of Tales wanted to achieve lofty and unique goals with Sunset. They wanted to provide us with a single person's point of a view of a cataclysmic political event, while letting us play with choices and explore a particularly nice '70s apartment with an equally nice view. Well, now that the game has been released and can be grabbed off of Steam or its official site for Windows, Mac and Linux I can finally tell you it's a resounding success too. Also, one of the cleverest and most humane games of late.

The year is 1972, the location a fictional Latin American metropolis suffering under a military dictatorship and you are Angela Burns. The maid Gabriel Ortega has hired to keep his luxuriant penthouse all tidy and shiny, while a violent uprising --a revolution-- is taking place. Seems like the people are finally fed up with being bossed around and you, an immigrant from the US, can't help but sympathize.

Sunsetrelease.pngDespite Angela being politically engaged and passionate about freedom though, you will not be getting to fight neither the army nor the police. You'll experience the revolution for one hour every day --one hour before sunset-- when you visit Ortega's place to subtly explore and manipulate the game's ever-changing environment, feel the evolution of the story and even guide your relationship with a man who never appears on screen.

Everything is surprisingly emotional, intriguing and visually beautiful. And, yes, unlike most other games too and I can't help but heartily recommend Sunset.