Point-and-Click adventure games have changed quite a bit over the years. We've moved from the Lucas Arts style of point-and-click to the more modern, decision-based style of recent TellTale games. While the choices presented by games such as The Wolf Among Us are fantastic and really add a lot to the story, they lack the charm of adventure games such as Day of the Tentacle. The newly-released Alum takes the adventure game principles of old and combines them with modern storytelling to achieve an adventure that is quite enthralling.

Alum is a point-and-click adventure game that was developed by Crashable Studios. The intentions of the developers were to create a game that featured that nostalgic feel of old adventure games while still maintaining the pacing and storytelling methods of more modern adventures. The most important elements that really define classic adventure games, i.e. the challenging puzzles, remain true to the classic style. However, elements such as the characters and story have been designed to feel more like an RPG, meaning that you will have deeper character development and interaction as well as a complex and lengthy story.

Featuring more than 70 hand-drawn backgrounds, Alum presents itself beautifully, with an art style that manages to look fantastic even though it maintains a certain element of simplicity. One of the more interesting pieces in the game is a map of the "Land of Tide", which you can view and allows you to travel across the world.

Alum 2014-11-01 23-14-40-00.jpg

The story of the game centers around Alum, who you must guide along his journey through treacherous and difficult terrain. Alum is looking to figure out the true story about his home city, as well as exactly what occurred during the strange epidemic known as "The Vague".

Alum promises that the game features a full-length story, and states that it will take anywhere between 7-10 hours for most players to complete. According to the reviews and other information I've seen on the game, this is about right, with most players coming in anywhere from 5-12 hours of play time before completing the game. Throughout the adventure that Alum will provide, you can expect to hear an original soundtrack as well as full voice acting.


The biggest driving force behind Alum is its ability to recreate that classic point-and-click feel while creating logical and intuitive puzzles. Each puzzle can be solved with proper logic, and there is no "pixel hunting", meaning that you won't find yourself wandering around environments and back-tracking in order to see if you missed an important item. While the puzzles contain a great amount of challenge, they also present themselves in a logical manner.

Alum is currently available on Steam for $14.99. Also on the Steam page is a demo of the game, so be sure to try before you buy to ensure that you will enjoy the game.