Covering conventions as a game journalist sounds like a lot of fun, and it is! But it is also fraught with perils. Your feet will ache in ways you have never felt before. Food becomes a distant memory as every moment is spent talking to devs and PR or rushing to make it to a meeting on time. Also, unless you regularly douse yourself in a purifying chemical bath, you will catch some sickness that will leave you lying on your bathroom floor convinced that you must untangle strange geometric shapes in your mind's eye to cure yourself. Alexander Shen has captured all of these wonderful things with the bright-eyed excitement of an early 1900's reporter in his silly puzzle game, E3 1915.


Let the old-timey music wash over you as you wander around E3 in 1915, looking for the next popular personal videotainment product from that dapper Tesla fellow. By golly, it looks like a hoot! Unfortunately, your food reserves are getting low, meaning you can only take a set amount of steps through the tight corridors filled with electronical gameificator enthusiasts before exhaustion takes you to death's door. There's more dangers, though, as there's tuberculosis floating about the convention air, and one whiff will send you straight to the sanitarium. Even so, you'll get the scoop on these strange blinking lights and gore-spewing firearms, by gum, or die trying!


E3 1915's puzzles are all available for free on several sites if you want to experience the whirlwind excitement and harrowing danger for yourself. The life of a game journalist is short, but if the public's to know about the next advancements in breast bouncing physics, then someone's got to take that risk. So go, brave the black and white halls so that we may learn of the secrets of Telegraph of Shootery, posthaste!


E3 1915 is available for free on NewGrounds, Kongregate, Google Play, and the Hodenkat Engine site. For more information on the game and Alexander Shen, you can head to the developer's site.