After all the years I've put into playing platformers, you'd think I'd be able to handle something as simple as playing them upside down. Still, flip the game world and all of a sudden my reaction time slows to molasses as I consider each jump as if it were a life-altering decision. Turning the world upside-down makes platforming that much harder, so I'm not sure how well I'm going to do playing Mad Gear Games' A Hole New World. There's no magic carpet rides while romancing Arabian princesses, here - just the occasional flip to an alternate world where up is down and demons are not especially happy to see you.


Sending evil to another dimension always seems like a great idea until they manage to find a way back. Now, not only do you have a whole world filled with demons, but they're in a bad mood. The only person willing to mediate this issue in A Hole New World is the Potion Master, but luckily the guy has an endless supply of burning and freezing bottles to toss at the decaying, enraged creatures that are creeping in through the hole between worlds. Since we're throwing bottles, we have an arc to deal with, though, so best practice that aim.


Not every stage is spent upside down, as the game bounces between regular platforming and upside-down mayhem. Managing throwing arcs while platforming upside-down and dodging bosses that use bullet hell-like attacks doesn't promise to be easy for the Potion Master, but at least it looks like your fairy companion will be mercifully silent for the whole journey. The last thing you need is Fäy yammering on about watching out and (HEY!) listening the whole time you're trying to fight a giant demon while you're standing on the ceiling. A Hole New World looks like it will have players twisting in their seats should it make it through Greenlight, so maybe toss it a vote if you think it's time for an apothecary to have a shot at being the hero.

For more information on A Hole New World and Mad gear Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.