blockadillo.jpgYou don't often see changes to the basic block breaker game formula. Paddle at the bottom, blocks at the top. Maybe some new obstacles or warps or something. Occasionally someone does something new with the genre, though. In the case of Blockadillo, that something is having the player be the ball itself in the form of a whirling, colorful armadillo character.

If the player's character moved normally in Blockadillo, I'd call it a puzzle platformer. Instead, the player's character moves up and down at a constant rate and the player directs it left or right as it travels. The player can only interact with blocks of whatever color the player currently is, which means changing color sometimes. Once all basic blocks in a level are destroyed, the stage ends.

There are hazards in many of the levels, including spikes and skull blocks which instantly kill the armadillo. There are also gold idols to collect. Sometimes the player only has so much time to get to an idol before it, say, sinks below some lava. Each level has gold, silver, and bronze time requirements and also stars related to whether or not the player got all the idols in the level. Destroying all the blocks on a given level opens the next level regardless of any idols left behind.

Blockadillo is hard to pin into a genre, but it is unique and fun. It's available for Android and iOS. The Android version is free to download, coming with 40 levels and allowing the purchase of additional levels via IAP. The iOS version is a flat $2.99 and includes all the levels. There is also a browser demo with 13 levels.