The Animal Crossing inspired island life sim Castaway Paradise has released free DLC to join in the celebration of women's soccer. This release coincides with the Women's World Cup currently ongoing in Canada.

Recognizing the significance of soccer around the world, Stolen Couch Games wanted to do something to support the growing popularity of women's soccer with their free Soccer Pack DLC. Celebrating the Women's World Cup by bringing attention to it in their game, they believe they can help bring attention to the event and the sport in general.

CEO Selma Oors says, "We'd like to support all the women playing soccer world wide by giving everyone free DLC. With Castaway Paradise we try to be as inclusive as possible." This sentiment is echoed by Stolen Couch's other CEO Eric Diepeveen, who says, "It's a shame that soccer fans ignore women's soccer. It's an even bigger shame that not a single developer is celebrating women's soccer during this years world cup."

Castaway Paradise is a charming life sim that is highly reminiscent of the Animal Crossing experience. You customize your own villager as you acquire new clothes and decorate the islands you're on as you see fit. All the while you help your neighbours out with tasks they have for you to receive money and items.

The team at Stolen Couch has notably been vigiliant in listening to feedback with the game and have been constantly improving the experience of the game as it has transitioned from mobile to PC. This free DLC pack is another example of them working hard to improve the game after its release and continuing to support it for the benefit of its players.