Dungeon-crawling games have been a staple in the gaming community for a long time. Cruising through dungeons, leveling up your character, collecting rare loot, and defeat hordes of enemies combine to create a genre that just never gets old. Super Dungeon Run puts a twist on the classic dungeon-crawling formula, and creates a fast-paced experience that will drawn you in from the very first piece of loot that you collect.

Super Dungeon Run starts you off with a small group of peasants. These peasants aren't necessarily the brightest or toughest individuals, which makes the game interesting straight away. Typically, we find ourselves controlling powerful characters, so it is intriguing to see a game put you in control of a large group of weaker characters. The peasants only have one desire, and that is to grab as much loot as possible.

The goal of Super Dungeon Run is to make you way through increasingly dangerous dungeons and guide your group to the exit of each level. Along the way, you'll run into dangerous enemies, ranging from goblins to necromancers. With your group of brave (or foolish) peasants, you'll be tasked with dealing with any baddies that get in-between you and your sweet loot.


Along with the danger that enemies pose, you'll find yourself encountering various traps. The traps range from your typical arrow trap to cannons, spiked barrels, and spinning blades. Making your way around traps with such a large group looks like it will be quite a challenge. I'm interested to see how well controlling a large group plays out.

The levels in Super Dungeon Run are generated procedurally, meaning that you won't ever run into the same dungeon twice. While procedural generation isn't something unheard of, it's always nice to have and really adds to the replay value of the game. There are different types of dungeons that contain different enemies and loot. You'll find yourself exploring old, dank cellars and creepy crypts.


Super Dungeon Run features three types of chests in which you can find your loot. Spiky red chests contain outfits, which your peasants can equip to give them a fighting chance against tougher enemies. Basically, outfits transform the peasants into various types of heroes. Whether it be a knight, archer, or mage, outfits will ensure that your peasants are a lot more tough than those who are left with their plain clothes. Blue chests contain potions that have various uses, such as restoring health. Finally, the gold chests contain the most precious loot of all: gold.

As you make your way through the dungeons, keeping your peasants alive will become more and more difficult. However, the longer a particular member of your group stays around, the stronger they will become. Leveling up your characters will ensure that you are able to survive the more difficult challenges that await in the deeper dungeons of the world.


Super Dungeon Run takes a very interesting concept and seems to do a good job executing it. Controlling a group of weaker characters adds a unique twist to the typical dungeon-crawling gameplay that we've come to know. Collecting loot, and equipping your peasants with various outfits to turn them into heroes will be sure to keep you busy for quite a while. With procedural level generation, and a large variety of environments and enemies to experience, it's a good bet to say that Super Dungeon Run will have a good amount of content to keep you busy.

Super Dungeon Run is currently looking for approval on Steam Greenlight, and will release into Early Access upon receiving it.