SoulAximo1.pngIn the first 20 minutes of Soul Axiom I went from exploring a flying ship and climbing oddly digital masts to glimpsing the ghost of a saloon bartender and solving an unexpectedly involved puzzles. I went from believing this to be another attempt at an interesting walking-simulator (or puzzle-box) to deciding it's more Talos Principle than Dear Esther.

In reality though, Soul Axiom is essentially a first-person exploration adventure with some brilliant, unique mechanics. A game that lets you corrupt, phase out, rebuild and cleverly mess with its environment, while trying to figure out what on earth --or, possibly, heaven-- is going on. Understand what those angel like beings are, who's sending you cryptic messages, whether said messages are actually meant for you and, eventually, maybe even unlock the mystery of your existence. Discover your soul, while discussing its very existing.

soulaxiom.pngOr, then again, decide to focus on exploring the stunning worlds Soul Axiom has to offer and solving its well-design and refreshing puzzles. Enjoying the ambiance of its setting. Its atmospheric soundtrack and those impressively adaptive environments. The overall subtly creepy experience the team responsible for Master Reboot has already crafted and keeps on expanding, improving and polishing.

Soul Axiom is already available on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac, and if you are interested in an excellent, clever cyber-thriller/adventure you should definitely grab it.