zak.pngCreating an adventure game is far from an easy task. It's a convoluted, complex, multi-disciplinary effort and that's why most freeware genre offerings do tend to be relatively short. Also, that is definitely why games like Zak McKracken Between Time & Space Director's Cut seem so utterly implausible. Trust me, I know. I have been working with three other lovely people on a two-rooms long point-and-clicker for almost a year know and I can only imagine just how much work has gone into this brilliant Zak McKracken fan game.

Though I haven't finished the thing yet, it certainly feels like a full sized adventure sporting dozens of locations, cut-scenes and fully voiced characters. Obviously, it also comes complete with a tongue-in-cheek alien infested sci-fi plot, surreal ideas, odd characters and more than enough puzzles to keep the most ardent adventurer off the streets for days. Oh, oh, it even features two difficulty settings!

Happily, it's really good too and does the Lucasfilm original justice. As for the Director's Cut bit in its title, well I suppose you should know this is a remastering of the earlier German-only version of the game in English and something you simply have to play on anything that can run Windows, Mac OS or Linux.