Horror is a careful dance. Really, you're watching some spooky things happen to some made-up person on the screen who isn't you. You need to feel immersed in the story to the point where you've forgotten yourself before it can work, and that's not a simple thing to do. Developers have to make it easier for players to imagine themselves in that situation, and what better way to do that than to set the game inside your house and turn you into the main character? Novum Analytics' Night Terrors is looking to do just that, creating an app that will turn your own home or apartment into a hellish nightmare.


Night Terrors puts a small child inside of your house, and it's up to you to rescue her while fleeing from the weird spectres that have taken up residence in your home. The tech involved in haunting your house is quite impressive, using the camera, microphone, and gyroscope of your phone to help map the area out and then fill it with evil spirits. These spirits move in logical ways through the halls, wandering their own set paths that you'll be able to hear or see. Peek around a corner and one might be way down the hall. Listen, and you may hear one moaning behind a wall, a muffled sound carefully selected by the app because it factored in the wall between you and the ghost. It's not just an app that puts a spooky image on your phone's camera, but one that will understand the layout of your home and then fill it with creatures that will move around your halls.


These hauntings are steering away from computer generated animations and models as well, leaning more toward the practical effects of older movies. Models, puppets, and other cinematic tricks will be used to create more realistic creatures to roam your halls. Night Terrors is promising a lot of interesting, incredible stuff, but it needs a bit more funding help in the final days of its IndieGoGo campaign if it's going to pull it off. I love me some horror games and I'm very curious how the game's proposed tech will all work, but I don't know how much I'll be able to endure having my own house as the location for a haunting. Still, as scared as I think I would be of ghosts floating over my own bed, I don't think I could possibly pass up the frightening promises of Night Terrors.

You can donate to the Night Terrors fundraising campaign through IndieGoGo. For more information on the game and Novum Analytics, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.