Have you ever run into a situation where you find yourself living next to an awfully strange neighbor? Maybe a neighbor who has just recently moved into the area, but has yet to introduce his or herself to the other residents? In Hello, Neighbour!, you play someone who is going through this exact situation. However, instead of assuming that the new neighbor just doesn't like to be social, you feel the strong desire to break into their house and discover the reason behind all the secrecy.

Hello, Neighbour! is described as a first-person tactical puzzler. You will find yourself exploring open residential areas as you search for ways to enter your neighbor's house without his or her knowledge. Your neighbor will be controlled by extremely intelligent A.I. that is said to be able to react to your every move in an attempt to keep their house locked down.

The development team behind Hello, Neighbour! feels that many modern games lack A.I. depth, or just don't manage to use the technology to its full potential. In an attempt to change this trend, they have decided to create an intelligent system that can learn, study and react to your actions, and remember the decisions you have made and plan accordingly. This sounds like quite an ambitious idea, but if implemented properly it could easily turn out to be exceptional.


The story behind the game is that you have recently moved into a new neighborhood, and have discovered that your seemingly normal neighbor is hiding a malicious secret in his or her basement. Immediately, you begin to question your neighbor. Who is this person? What exactly is the reason behind them nailing their basement door shut? What horrors could be contained behind the reinforced basement door?

As your curiosity gets the best of you, you find yourself drawn to your neighbor's house. Unfortunately, finding a way into the house is no easy task, as your neighbor is quite aware of your plans and will react to every move that you make. Exploring the world will reward you with uncovering useful objects that will assist you in getting into the neighbor's house. However, these items can also be discovered and used by your neighbor, which they can then use to reinforce their house. While your house is small and safe, your neighbor's house is a sprawling, dangerous manor with very few weak points.


The longer you find yourself playing, the more difficult it will become to make it into the basement. As time passes, your neighbor will continue to reinforce their house in a way that will prevent you from making any progress into it. Making use of items is vital to achieving victory, but you must do so without alerting your neighbor at the risk of them discovering your plans and taking the proper countermeasures to prevent you from breaking in.

The goal of Hello, Neighbour! is to provide the most advanced and in-depth A.I. that we have ever seen. Whether it's reacting to your every move, or carefully planning a counter-strategy, your neighbor will do everything in their power to keep their secret safe. Entering the basement is your seemingly simple goal, but executing your plan to make it there will prove to be much more challenging than you originally anticipated. Your neighbor won't just be standing around. The entire time you are trying to make your way in, your neighbor will continue to build up his or her defenses, so you'll find yourself racing against the clock in an attempt to keep the difficulty from becoming impossible.

Hello, Neighbour! is an incredibly inventive game, with a very ambitious plan for its A.I. It is currently seeking approval on Steam Greenlight.