armello.pngIndie Fund, an organization which invests in the development of indie games in exchange for a percentage of profits until the money is repayed with interest or for two years, whichever is sooner, has recently expanded. It originally had seven investors, but to protect the stability of Indie Fund from the ups and downs of life and give more games a chance to find people interested in investing in their futures, they've invited others to join them. The list of investors is now three times as long, with Armello, Future Unfolding, and Duskers as the first games funded under their new system.

From the press release:

The original 7 partners of Indie Fund started in 2010 with the goal to support the growth of games as a medium by helping independent developers get and stay financially independent. We've helped fund over 30 great independent games, and almost all of them have met our internal success benchmark in that they allowed their developers to self fund their next game from the revenue of the game we funded.

However, after doing anything for 5 years, life changes -- kids arrive, people start new projects, games come and go -- and we started to feel like we needed to change the way the fund operated. Fortunately, many more independent developers have had their own success in the last five years, and have now come on to help out.

Last year we started partnering with individual investors outside of the fund with good results. More people got to participate, which meant developers had access to more capital, ideas and advice. With this more ad-hoc model, investors could vary the amount they wanted to put into each game, allowing more flexibility depending on life changes, interest in the specific projects, and how much money is available. Games like Future Unfolding, Duskers, and now Armello have been funded with this more flexible model.

Internal structure aside, all the fundamentals behind the fund will remain the same. We will continue to be selective about the projects we fund, be transparent about our work, and judge our own success by the success of the developers we fund.

We're now fully adopting this model, and Indie Fund will be managed by a much larger group of investors moving forward. We're especially pleased that some of the new partners are developers we've funded that are now looking to invest in the next generation of developers. We have a list of current partners, along with our updated guidelines on how to apply.