Wendy doesn't let a little accidental time travel get in the way of her dreams. Sure, I mean, it's a drag when you're just digging holes in your back yard and find yourself transported to another time period, but they do have unicorns there. So that's a plus. Still, when all it takes is a good ol' fashioned hole digging and some riddle solving to get back home again, it's not so bad. Plus it's great practice for a budding archaeologist, anyway. Hopefully the NPCs of The Hole Story don't mind having their entire world covered in holes.


The Hole Story is the creation of The Negatives, a team of young women brought together by Girls Make Games, a series of international Summer Camps built around teaching code and design. Their prototype won the Grand Prize for the camp's demo competition in 2014, and their design was since enriched and enhanced after a very successful Kickstarter. Now, The Negatives' charming game of funny characters and tracks of land just waiting to be dug up has released on, so the world can see what these young developers were capable of.


Players are thrown into a mystical world filled with people who can't solve their problems on their own (as usual). So, you've got to find items for people, which have thankfully been buried around town and the countryside, meaning you get to use that shovel Wendy is so attached to. Beyond digging up treasures, the game involves some puzzle and riddle solving as Wendy works on finding a way back to her time. Lighthearted and fun, The Hole Story's cheery conversations and silly characters promises to delight players all while demonstrating the creative powers of the next generation of programmers.

The Hole Story is available for $5 on For more information on the game and Girls Make Games, you can head to the group's page or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.