charlotte1.jpgKickstarter has been in the news a lot lately. Discussions have been everywhere about the purpose and uses of crowdfunding platforms. Lost in the shuffle can be the interesting projects that can be found on the site. One such project is the point and click adventure game, Charlotte's Dream by Robert Guiscard.

Billed as a love letter to the Commodore Amiga and classic adventure games, it looks like it absolutely captures the look that Guiscard is going for with colourful, detailed pixel art that brings to mind the best the Amiga had to offer. At the same time, the game promises some more modern elements to enhance the game.

Set in a surreal dream world of the titular Charlotte, who is grief-stricken after surviving a car accident which took the life of her brother, the game is the evolution of a childhood ambition of the developer. He has kept many of the resources from when he first attempted making the game when he was twelve, and has been updating and modernizing where necessary and creating new assets from scratch as need be.

Taking the classic formula, Charlotte's Dream also includes some intriguing modern concepts. Charlotte gains new skills via a literal skill tree thanks to the inclusion of RPG elements, and the game promises some minor crafting elements, though I am curious how this will function differently than traditional item-combining puzzles that point and click adventure games tend to offer.

Most interesting to me so far is the intent of multiple solutions for puzzles. If the game delivers on this promise, it will be a welcome change to most adventure games, where only one specific solution is required to progress. It's a common limitation of the genre, and to see a title openly defy this limitation should no doubt be welcome.

charlotte2.jpgAlso of extremely important note is that Guiscard promises the game will have a colourblind mode. Having this accessibility option is so important and letting more players play the game is something I genuinely hope more developers focus on. With the colour and detail the game has in it, I hope we can see soon some of the colourblind assets, as I hope not too much is lost in the transition.

Charlotte's Dream has launched very recently, and has a goal of €20,000. Classic point and click fans will want to keep their eyes on this, as well as anyone interested in retro computer gaming from the 80s. It looks like it's going to be an excellent homage to the genre without getting trapped in the traditions that most tributes can. The modern elements should make the game worth following in its development and I look forward to seeing how Guiscard's childhood dream game comes along.