Video games. Some are epic storytelling experiences, while others provide a beautiful atmospheric environment for the player to explore. Some games aim to terrify the player with horrific sequences, and other games aim to make you smile with a heartwarming tale. Dad Beat Dads has angry dads that fight each other, steal babies, and throw babies and diaper-covered bricks.

Let's face it. Anyone who has read any of my articles knows that I'm a sucker for local multiplayer. Any opportunity to sit down with friends and scream at each other while playing a game is golden to me. Dad Beat Dads is a perfect local multiplayer game. It's silly, it's bright and colorful, and it just looks like a ton of fun.

The game features local multiplayer support for up to 4 players, but also allows you to play solo and fight against computer-controlled opponents. This is always nice if you're friends aren't around to play, but you're just itching for some Dad on Dad brawling action, which we all know happens more than we'd like to admit.


Featuring three different game modes to choose from, Dad Beat Dads aims to provide a diverse experience so that you don't find yourself playing boring ol' deathmatch over and over again. Smash N' Grab tasks you with punching other dads and taking their babies, all while you are ensuring that your little one is safe. Diaper Sniper is said to be very similar to dodgeball, except the ball is a brick covered with a diaper. The last dad left standing wins the round. Finally, Corporate Ladder Mode has you making vertical progress and collecting riches while fending off the other dads. If you fall behind at any point, consider yourself toast.

In terms of playable characters, Dad Beat Dads features 9 unique dads, each featuring their own strengths and weaknesses. It's always important in local multiplayer games to feature a diverse and interesting character roster. While 9 characters is no Smash, it's definitely nothing to sneeze at. I'm glad to see that they've attempted to add some diversity to the Dads' abilities rather than just creating reskinned characters with similar abilities.


Other minor features of Dad Beat Dads include power-ups that will drop randomly throughout the level. These power-ups will give players the ability to turn the tide of the battle at any given time, so ensuring that you grab them when they show up is vital. There is also an option to team up with other players in order to fight in a team battle, rather than a free-for-all. Finally, you can customize your match options in order to tailor each game mode the way you would like it.

Featuring angry fighting dads, a great soundtrack, and some interesting game modes, there's no reason to not have a look at Dad Beat Dads. The game is currently available for pre-order from the official site. If you'd rather grab it on Steam, you'll have to check out their Greenlight page and leave a vote to ensure that the game makes it through.