The hour is late. After an already long day, all you ask for is to finally hop into bed and get some sleep before going through the motions of your monotonous routine which will begin in a few short hours. You feel the soft embrace of the mattress as you sink into its warmth. Your eyes close, and just as you're about to drift off into dreamland, you hear it. The booming of the bass, the whooping of the inebriated guests, the splashing of the pool. There's another party going on next door, and you've had enough. Party Hard takes this situation and turns it into an extremely entertaining mix of action, strategy, and planning as you murder your way through the guest list while attempting to avoid detection.

Party Hard is a very simple game at its roots. You are placed into the shoes of a furious man who resides next to a group of party animals. Night after night, you've found yourself lying awake to the unmistakably loud sounds of gigantic parties resonating through your home. You want nothing more than peace. After multiple attempts to involve the police, you've decided to take matters into your own hands.

Logically, you decide to make your way to the neighbors house and approach the situation in the best way possible: kill everyone. Using your trusty ol' knife and various interactive elements of the environment, you must kill all of the guests while avoiding detection.

While the idea of Party Hard sounds simple enough, the interactive environments provide enough depth to keep the game interesting. Following guests room to room as you wait for an opportunity to strike is entertaining, but wouldn't be enough to carry the game. Thus, it's nice to see the addition of various interactive elements that you can make use of to assist in clearing out the noisy guests.


Figuring out what you can and cannot interact with in the environment is fun and challenging. Party Hard almost reminds me of the Hitman series in a way, in the sense that you are able to approach your task in many different ways, and there are a ton of interactive objects which will assist you in completing your task. I found myself spending more time in the demo exploring than I did killing.

As of right now, there is a bare-bones demo available on tinyBuild's site that you can play in your browser. I found myself playing the demo over and over again as I really enjoyed the gameplay, as simple as it may be. As I restarted, I attempted to optimize my strategy and set various restrictions for myself such as limiting the amount of time I had to complete the mission. I found that adding goals such as these made the game a blast, so hopefully we will see features like that added to the final game.

While Party Hard's demo is a very early prototype, the full game is set to feature procedurally-generated environments to keep the game feeling fresh. The gameplay in the final version will have a strong focus on killing the partygoers in unique ways. While the game's main goal is to avoid being caught, there are many ways to approach your task. When suspicions begin to arise, it is imperative that you blend in with the crowd and keep a low profile.


Party Hard is a really interesting and silly concept that features some good execution, even in the extremely simple demo. Seeing how much I enjoyed playing the game even in its simplest form, I look forward to getting my hands on the game when it is released. Party Hard is looking to release at an unannounced date this year for PC, iOS, and Android.