Images courtesy the Quantum Rush blog.

For lots of people, there are few things more enjoyable in games than speed. The rush, the thrill of riding just at the brink of losing control has kept players engaged and looking for more. Racing games of all kinds have been a major part of gaming since nearly the very beginning. Continuing the proud tradition is Quantum Rush: Champions by GameArt Studio, which makes it way to the Xbox One on June 17th by way of [email protected]

Quantum Rush is a futuristic high speed racing title with a variety of play modes, customizable vehicles, and multiple career modes. The careers allow you play different vehicles from the manufacturers in game, each with their own unique traits and abilities. As you progress, you unlock new parts to customize your vehicle including engines, shields, and guns.

This game does have vehicle combat modes as well, and while your main gun isn't often great, you'll find one shot weapons and other usable items on the track. Shield boosts, homing missiles, lightning strikes, and more can be used to make quick work of your rivals.

While in a race, you'll need to not only focus on negotiating the track and passing the other racers, you also have a heat mechanic to worry about. This helps balance the weapons, as excessive firing will overheat you quickly and leave you without guns or the ability to boost.

And you'll want to boost, and boost often. This game embraces speed and wants you to give it your all as much as possible. Between the boost button and green boost pads on the track, you can reach some exciting speed in Quantum Rush, and it's at these moments when the game is at its best.

The game looks great, with big and bright levels to race and fight on, and the vehicles have a very distinct, industrial look. They don't look too clean but still sleek enough to be a plausible high speed machine. The race UI is unobtrusive while still relaying all the necessary information at a glance, though you may need a few laps under your belt to fully understand the information. Rounding out the futuristic racing aesthetic is the soundtrack, which while suitable for the setting, is not the most memorable part of the game. Adequate is perhaps the best way to describe the music.

Quantum Rush: Champions is a good, albeit niche, racing title. Futuristic racers like this one once were notably more common, but of late they've been more sparse. Fitting a niche on a console with a limited library like the Xbox One definitely has advantages, and fans of the genre should get on board right away. I think anyone looking for a high speed thrill should give it a try too, because there's a lot to enjoy here.