swmmo.gifSevered World has clearly been inspired by the RPGs of 16-bit yore, but developer Pixel Realms wants its first game to be an online playground where players can choose their difficulty and skill can save them from death. Pixel Realms has planned a variety of PvE and PvP activities for Severed World, all of which take place in a lovingly pixeled world.

There are six towns planned for the game, scattered through areas based on cultures from hundreds of years ago. The developer is promising hundreds of quests and replayable dungeons with choosable difficulty. It sounds like players will be able to tackle dungeons alone if they wish, and since the combat system is real-time action based, a solo player could theoretically take out dungeons on the hardest difficulty if they were skilled enough. There are also to be companion NPCs that can take on dungeons with the player.

On the PvP front, there are plans for allowing guilds to fight for castles around the map, earning fame to get better bonuses for their members. An in-game MOBA is also in the works. It sounds like that will be a standard 5v5 affair with lanes and turrets. I doubt that their MOBA will achieve the complexity or balance of any of its dedicated cousins like League of Legends, since Severed World is only set to have four classes, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun in its own right. The fact that magic spells will have non-linear upgrade trees might help with that if they plan their trees right, allowing players to plan for PvP or PvE with customized spells.

Speaking of the fact that there will only be four classes, one of them is to be exclusive to Kickstarter backers. That is probably the one big red question mark hanging over my head with regards to Severed World. If their game successfully picks up steam after the Kickstarter ends, they're likely to have a lot of unhappy customers upset about the fact that they missed out on an entire playable class because they didn't know about the game until after the Kickstarter finished.

Aside from that one strange hitch, Severed World looks like it will offer a lot of things for players to do. It's slated to enter closed beta later this summer. Right now, there is a Kickstarter campaign running to help fund the final push into that beta. They've hit a little over 40% of their £10,000 goal with 23 days left to go at time of this writing. Pixel Realms is also running a Greenlight campaign for the game.

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