Smash Bros showed us what would happen if most Nintendo characters all inhabited the same world. Still, what if other game characters all existed in the same space? Talked about their jobs and swapped stories? Wondered why their lives were just so weird? Pixel Hero Prologue: Tactical Espionage Pixels is an exploration of that idea, placing Solid Snake, Ryu, Harry Mason, and many, many more video game heroes in a Role-Playing-Turn-Based-Puzzle-Stealth-Comedy that lampoons situations, villains, and famous moments from many of the greatest franchises in gaming history.


Pixel Hero Prologue stars Golden Cobra, a member of a special team that has to take down ex members who intend to steal nuclear weapons. Sure, these Metal Gear-like beginnings might incline you to use stealth and choke everyone in your path, but when you can bring Tommy Vercetti and Solaire of Astora with you, no one can agree on how to fight the enemy threat. Somehow, all of these action game stars settled on turn-based combat, fighting the game's monsters and baddies like an RPG. Although they did screw up and often seem to be fighting on the left. That's for back attacks, guys!


Still, combat is only part of a modern game. What of dialogue options that change the plot? Sexy, steamy text-based romance? Not all of the dialogue is built around the dumb things you've chosen to make game characters do over the years, as much of it has an effect on the game, or is at least very silly. You can even choose to strike up an inappropriately-timed chat with your pals when you're supposed to be fighting. Pixel Hero Prologue sounds like a fun, ridiculous look back at years of gaming culture, all through the lens of a bizarre RPG that reminds me of the strange days I spent playing Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. I think I need to get in on its free demo right now.

For more information on Pixel Hero Prologue: Tactical Espionage Pixels and Project Y Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube, IndieDB, and Twitter. You can also donate to their Kickstarter campaign.