The giraffe. Humanity's greatest asset in any and all adventures. Its long neck allows it to hook onto ziplines or grapple across pits. Its tongue can whirl at speeds that will slow the most dangerous descents. In all, the best friend a boy could have, especially if that boy's dad has been kidnapped to be made into supper in an especially evil chain of fast food restaurants. The only thing stronger than a giraffe's neck is its sense of justice, though, so it's time you joined this pair of pals on a super adventure in Super Adventure Pals 2!

Worked 'em all in except the 2. Not bad.


Super Adventure Pals 2's platforming and action RPG action is all given a very silly coat of paint, in case the giraffe didn't tell you that. You don't just swing from a grappling hook - you use the giraffe. You don't have a boomerang, as instead you throw your pet rock (which comes back for some reason). You can't even go out for a walk without hostile moustachioed trees trying ruin your day, or old ladies flying by on cats. It's wild and goofy, giving off a powerful Behemoth vibe. That's a good thing when you're dodging saws and chopping up baddies, doing everything you can to keep your old man from becoming the Tuesday combo special. It definitely gives the gameplay some nice visual personality, separating it from the dozens of platforming action RPGs out there.


Super Adventure Pals 2 is working on getting its ridiculous brand of platforming/rpg action to Steam, needing some Greenlight votes if it's going to get through. Anyone on the fence about it can go try out the original game for free on Armorgames' site. Ask yourself this, though: what other game captures the bonds of friendship and utility between a boy and his giraffe? You're lying to yourself if you think of anything else.

For more information on Super Adventure Pals 2 and Massive Monster, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.