shapesofgray.pngA few of today's games are neat combinations of dissimilar genres, but there are some good-looking entries in established genres, too.

Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit
Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android | $TBA | Release TBA

From developer Three Phase Interactive: "Defect allows the player to build the ultimate ship piece by piece, from the size of a single-pilot fighter to a space station the size of a small moon. Players create devastating spacecraft capable of obliterating their foes, but have to keep in mind that their crew will defect, forcing them to face their own creations in battle." So the player's real enemy will be their own ingenuity.

Hyperspace Pinball
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | September 2015

This is footage of the prototype for a pinball/shooter hybrid. Instead of bouncing off of static obstacles in the middle of the table, the player will have to aim for moving targets to be destroyed. Hyperspace Pinball has already passed Greenlight.

The Island of Eternal Struggle
PS3, PS4 | $15+ | June 2016 | Kickstarter

This is the second time I've included a trailer for this game in one of the roundups. Where the first trailer only showed off the kinds of weird characters that developer Wimbus Studios is putting into the game, this one shows off a decent amount of gameplay. In addition to weird characters, they're also including some weird skills.

Legacy of the Copper Skies
Windows, Mac | $TBA | Release TBA | SEC

From developer Horrible Unicorn: "Legacy of the Copper Skies is a classic action adventure game set in both the dark, industrial world of Grimstad and the lush, verdant Ebura. Players must take control of both Tir and Isen and use their unique gameplay mechanics to explore, solve puzzles, and fight in order to save their worlds from annihilation."

Puzzle Sweeper
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android | $TBA | July 2015

From developer Electric Fruit: "Puzzle Sweeper is a unique blend of Minesweeper and dungeon crawling combining familiar gameplay with a unique twist. Explore the dungeon, disarm the traps, find the treasure and escape in as quick a time as possible."

Rogue Invader
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Q4 2015 | Greenlight

Developer Squishy Games has released this new trailer for Rogue Invader. It has a lot of overlap with the previous trailer in terms of footage, but shows off more of the gameplay.

Shapes of Gray
Windows | reg. $7, 33% off | Available now | Greenlight

From developer Secret Tunnel Entertainment: "Shapes of Gray is a fast-paced, stripped-down action-arcade game about rapidly descending through a series of seconds-long levels, each one containing a unique combat-puzzle challenge. Use your enemies' attacks against each other to get the high score and complete arcade challenges all while jamming out to a totally rad indie-punktronic micro-soundtrack."

Spy Bugs
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | July 2015 | Early access

This trailer doesn't show off gameplay until about 30 seconds in. Spy Bugs is about crawling and flying around rooms as cyborg insects, shooting others in a war about the privacy of the average Joe.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Q1 2016 | Greenlight

Alex Rose Games's Super Rude Bear Resurrection started as an entry in Ludum Dare 28, where it won first place in innovation. It's a super hard platformer, the difficulty of which can be mitigated by jumping on the corpses of the player avatar from previous, failed runs. This new trailer is for its Greenlight campaign.