Originally released in October of 2014, Card Dungeon shot into the mobile game scene and impressed critics with its solid turn-based gameplay. It's board game-like mechanics made it a perfect fit for touch screens, and this led to a fantastic and entertaining experience on mobile devices. As well as the controls worked on mobile, there is no substitute for playing a game on PC, and those of us who prefer our games on a larger screen can look forward to Card Dungeon's June 2nd release on Steam!

Card Dungeon is a unique combination of a turn-based roguelike and a collectible card game. The game features thousands of unique cards to collect, and allows you to choose which ones you'd like to keep and which should be discarded. Customizing your available cards allows you to tailor your experience to your playstyle, making each run a unique experience. Find a card that you love and cannot live without? Too bad. Cards deteriorate over time, meaning that eventually you will need to find replacements for your favorites.

Cards come in a few categories. There are skill cards, which affect how you interact with the world. Attack creatures, place and disable various traps, and perform actions that alter the world in some way. Trait cards are what defines your character. Some cards will give armor to your character, while other cards determine which weapons or magic items your character will have in his or her possession.


Character traits allow you to customize the style of your character. Whether you want to be a melee character with great strength, or a teleporting mage character, there are traits for you. Finding new and interesting trait combinations is encouraged, so experimentation is key in Card Dungeon. Discovering new and exciting combinations is one of the things that really gives the game a fresh feel for each playthrough.

Levels in Card Dungeon are all randomly generated, meaning that each level will feature new and exciting treasures with different layouts. Enemies are placed in dungeons each time you play, meaning that you will know ahead of time what you are up against and be able to prepare for combat as best as you can.


As a result of the brutal nature of the difficulty of Card Dungeon, you will die often. The game is meant to be picked up and played in 10-15 minute sessions. After each turn, the game saves itself, which makes it a perfect game to boot up when you only have a few minutes to spare.

When you do manage to die, which will not take very long, you can attempt to get back to the spot where you perished and recover your lost gear. Dying on the way to the spot you last perished at will remove all of that gear, so it's very important to at least make it to where you last died in order to grab the gear you left behind.


Card Dungeon features more than 40 unique enemy types. Each enemy has their own set of skill cards, and they must each be approached in a different way if you want to defeat them. Understanding which enemies possess which skills is key to winning your combat encounters. Each playthrough presents a new learning experience, meaning that the more time you invest in the game, the better you will find yourself doing.

Originally released on mobile platforms, Card Dungeon met with a ton of solid reviews. With a Steam release in a few short hours, we can expect a graphically updated version of the game with the same entertaining gameplay as the mobile release. Card Dungeon will be available on Steam on June 2nd for $9.99.