Building a community filled with cheery, slightly drugged townsfolk isn't easy. Or cheap, for that matter. As such, Compulsion Games is heading to Kickstarter to help fund their game of dodging hordes of smiling painted faces, We Happy Few. And you'd like to be happy, too, wouldn't you? Just like all those grinning faces? Donating to the campaign will do that, and it would be such a shame if you were caught walking around unhappy today, wouldn't it? Why, what would people think if they caught you being...sad? Perish the thought. PERISH.


If you've forgotten or don't already know, We Happy Few tosses you onto the streets of Wellington Wells, a community of painted smiles whose happiness is more synthetic than most. The town is drugged by a chemical known as Joy that enforces happiness in its takers, with the added side effect of extreme aggression towards those who don't. So, extremely hostile, but grinning, people would like you to take your medicine, but you don't want any part of that. So, you have to find a way out of town without getting bludgeoned to death. You've also got to eat and drink, though, and with Joy infused into almost everything the town consumes, you'll have to find ways of purifying your food and water while also keeping your skull relatively intact.


In order to create their roguelike of hiding in plain sight, Compulsion Games is looking for two hundred grand (Canadian), and have promised a lot of fun digital goodies should the game get funded. They've already shown off a successful demo of the game at PAX East (which demonstrated me just how creepy a smiling man with a shovel could be), and have proven their skills as developers with their previous game, Contrast (which was my Game of the Show from PAX East 2013). They've got talent and an eye for unique aesthetics, and if you agree, maybe follow this link and toss some Kickstarter cash their way.

For more information on We Happy Few and Compulsion Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.