Not everyone is as easily won over by a cute dog in an orange spacesuit as I am, so Red Dwarf Games recently announced a free demo available for those who were curious about their space-travelling point and click game, Tales of Cosmos. If you thought you had problems trying to solve puzzles set on several island chains, wait until you try to solve them in space! Wait...Space Quest. Right. But did Space Quest have a cute dog in an orange space suit? Yeah, that's what I thought.

That dog really is a lynchpin to this whole operation.


Perseus the dog and his monkey friend, Professor Gagayev, are off to the lonely stars and planets surrounding the celestial giant Novastad in an uncomfortably tiny ship. Their mission: I don't know. But it will involve some puzzle solving and exploration as players explore the lonely, eerie planet surfaces. The music and tone of the game's trailer seem very at odds with the game's cute protagonists, giving the gameplay this strange tension that has me captivated almost as much as adorable dogs and the equipment they wear.


The world of Tales of Cosmos is a little bit creepy, filled with subdued colors that give the planets this sense of discomfort - that our loveable heroes don't belong and aren't welcome. As cute as they are, perhaps this journey may be a little ill-advised, and they won't learn a thing or two about friendship on their journey. Maybe they'll learn that some planets ought best be left alone, and that things undiscovered should remain hidden. The conflicting tones have me very curious what the game is going to be about, so my fingers will be crossed for poor Perseus as he floats through space in the Tales of Cosmos demo.

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