MUSE_2.jpgBaiyon, best known for his work on PixelJunk Eden, got up on stage during BitSummit this year to announce that he's making a new game to be published by Pygmy Studio, a "love adventure" game titled MUSE: Together Is the New Alone. It's to be a story about unrequited love, and if the hypnotizing combination of music and images shown at BitSummit is any indication, this game is shaping up to have an emotionally impactful aesthetic.

MUSE_1.jpgThe story is that of a girl trapped in endless slumber and a boy who, upon finding notes and paintings she had made, sets out on a journey to find a way to wake her.

MUSE_3.jpgMUSE's art style is a mixture of pixel art and scans of watercolor paintings done by Baiyon, giving it a surreal look which nods to older Japanese games while still being unique. The pixel foregrounds and watercolor backgrounds go together really well and the bright colors are lovely.

MUSE_4.jpgOnly one track from MUSE's soundtrack has been revealed. It's a little bit melancholy, but has a feeling of movement to it that goes really well with the pictures.

MUSE_5.jpgNo release date has yet been announced for MUSE: Together Is the New Alone and we don't have any details on gameplay beyond the fact that it's to be an adventure game, but it's slated for release on PS4 and PS Vita. People interested in following the game's progress can subscribe to the mailing list at the game's web site.