quadrant2.jpgDeveloper undef's first game is quadrant, a simple rhythm game made of squares. The biggest square is the playing field, the mid-sized square is the one marking which button the player needs to push, and the smallest square shows them where the mid-sized square will be next. Hit the right button for the right quadrant on the beat and their score goes up. Simple, right? Sure... until the squares start doing strange things.

What exactly the squares do depends on how well the player performs. As the player goes along, the squares might slide around instead of materializing, changing colors, rotating, or any number of strange things. As the player gets closer to game over, which comes after a few mistakes are made, the squares grow harder to see, making it harder, though not impossible, to play the game.

quadrant.jpgThe show floor version that undef took to BitSummit is built into a crate with big plastic buttons on top, but the PC version (Windows, Mac, and Linux) that's available for purchase lets players choose their own key bindings. quadrant came out in May this year and is $3.99. You can get it on Steam (being careful not to confuse it with another game, Quadrant with a capital letter) or via the game's web site.