It's time for another dungeon crawl! A time-honoured tradition that almost anybody who plays games is familiar with, the dungeon crawler is a great starting point for other gameplay mechanics and genres while remaining approachable. We don't really need to know why we're crawling in a dungeon to explore it and fight off the denizens, we just need to have a dungeon. Now Mike Studios' Early Access title Dungeon Souls takes us into procedurally generated dungeons in the top-down hack and slash RPG.

The game is bright and vibrant despite its dungeon setting, with lots of colourful projectiles and shiny loot to collect. Enemies are very nicely detailed and animated too, as are the player character sprites. And there certainly can get to be a lot of enemies and projectiles on screen, so there's a lot of intense and vibrant action going on. The action is enhanced by excellent sound design and music that draws you in and helps you keep focused.

You'll need to keep focused, because you'll be dodging projectiles and timing attacks constantly. The game rarely lets up, and even when you get a moment's respite, if you linger too long, it will spawn in monsters to keep you on your toes. It's challenging, even on Easy difficulty, but it's still fair, and it is certainly rewarding to survive a swarm of monsters.

There are several classes to choose to play, and they play differently from one another. There is a mix of melee and projectile based classes for different styles of play. Fast classes, tanky, or glass cannons, they are all dynamically different and that adds a lot of variety to the gameplay. There's also a random option if you can't decide from the several available choices.

Currently the RPG elements seem a bit lacking. The skill upgrade system isn't working yet, so progression doesn't seem too important. Hopefully we'll see some development in that front soon because it could really increase the amount of variety in builds within the various classes. Though there is a risk that certain skills become clearly superior to others, it will be nice to have an increase in your combat abilities. Also the randomization is a bit rough right now. I've started off in extremely difficult rooms on some runs and in others rarely encountered a difficult enemy early on. A bit smoother of a curve on this might make the game more appealing.

Dungeon Souls is currently a very nicely polished dungeon crawling action game. It includes some intense gameplay with the excitement of getting loot and items that you expect from a dungeon crawler, and it is quite fun in its state as an action game, so if you're looking for some top down action this will be up your alley even right now. If the RPG elements pan out when they're implemented, I think it will be a really appealing title to fans of roguelite action games. There's a lot of potential here and I am looking forward to further updates.