dd1.pngMatt Gilgenbach of Infinitap Games is back with another blood-soaked black-and-white horror. This time it's called Devastated Dreams. You can check it out now on Kickstarter.

Like Gilgenbach's previous game, Neverending Nightmares, the upcoming Devastated Dreams is set in a sinister hand-drawn world cloaked beneath a thick blanket of shadow.

While the visual style is mostly the same, the story is much different. In Devastated Dreams, you play as a Filipino woman named Angel who lives in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, in a rural province called Aklan.

The horrors that await Angel are abundant. For one, the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan a few years prior is still apparent, which will seemingly play a role in the game itself. Most importantly, though, is Angel's pregnancy.

As Angel, players will have to flee from aswang, mythological creatures rooted in Filipino folklore. Examples of these entities include the vampiric manananggal, demonic tiyanaks, and the tik-tik - beasts that prey on unborn children.

It's dark, but Devastated Dreams has roots in some of Gilgenbach's own fears.

"I'm expecting my first child, and so far the experience has been terrifying," says Gilgenbach in his Kickstarter video. "There's so many new sensations that my wife is going through that are just... worrisome."

Gilgenbach's wife Joanne is Filipino, so much of the game's setting and cultural foundation is rooted in his family's own experiences visiting the Philippines.

"The game's main purpose is to terrify, but we want to expose gamers to the Philippines and its interesting culture," states the Kickstarter.

You can learn more about how Devastated Dreams plays by checking out its free demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux over on its Kickstarter page.