Being alone for extended periods can have odd effects on the human mind. So, what does that mean for the long-term space travel involved in Morgondag's RymdResa? Mainly, it has produced this odd beauty in the way the protagonist thinks, turning his every thought to poetry as he narrates his experience in the stars. It can be strangely wonderful to watch the pilot's mind corrode, spewing out dreamy, abstract thoughts as he travels the procedurally-generated cosmos, adding a human touch to the cold duties of gathering supplies for a dead planet.


RymdResa isn't just an open poetry night on a starship, though. You have the vastness of space to explore, with over three hundred different planets and landmarks to find. Will you find resources, hostilities, or new technologies on that celestial body looming in the distance? The only way to know is to fly there, hopefully with your shields in place. The game focuses on exploration, aiming to be passive and relaxing, but that doesn't mean every race or being you come across intends to wave and smile at you. There are dangerous forces out in the galaxy, and your ship is one of discovery, not combat. You'll need to upgrade that ship with resources if you don't want to join the various derelict ships and wreckage that are floating in the void.


Procedural generation aims to make the galaxy different on every playthrough, as does the game's various ships. Each has different specs, but as an added bonus, each also has its own unique soundtrack that adds a little something more to every new journey. With its emphasis on flowing language, peaceful exploration, and soothing sounds, RymdResa hopes to capture the lonely spirit of long-term space travel along with the thrill of discovery when the game releases on August 20.

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