feist.pngIt was 2008 when the public first saw Feist, a moody platformer with the same silhouetted look of Playdead's Limbo, but two years older. An IGF finalist and winner of the Student Showcase, Feist was supposed to launch in 2011, but delays pushed it further and further back.

Now, Bits & Beasts' mysterious and award-winning game is finally on its way, for real this time. There's even a Steam store page to prove it.

You'll be able to buy Feist on Steam, GOG, itch.io, and the Humble Store on Thursday, July 23rd for $15, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Perhaps what sets Feist apart from Limbo, which is the game it's so often compared to, is its reliance on emergent, rather than scripted, events.

According to its Steam description:

"The dreamlike world of Feist is a striking and mesmerizing place, but dangerous AI-controlled enemies keep pushing the players toward their fate. Enemies and traps, without scripted sequences, interact and produce surprising emergent consequences, creating a physics-driven environment with its own rules."

Feist is published by Finji.