Mark Essen's abstract cave-flyer Flywrench has a new trailer and it's as fast and flashy as ever. It's also coming to Steam in a month after spending years and years in various stages of prototype, much like Nidhogg before it.

If you can't tell what's happening just by watching, Flywrench is one of those precision-based reflex games where you have to navigate a sprite through narrow corridors without touching the walls.

In this case, you control a dynamic baton-like ship that has a variety of moves, letting it free fall, flap around, and more. Each special maneuver changes the ship's color, which is necessary for passing through like-colored obstacles.

That means piloting through the game's crooked, winding passageways is more than just tapping a button to match colors - it's also a game of accounting for sudden changes in motion, so that the move associated with the color you need to be doesn't throw you off course.

Flywrench features a soundtrack by electronic musician Daedelus, among others. Read more on Messhof's official website.