It's easy to dismiss games that bank on a retro inspiration. We've seen countless titles that try to evoke memories and feelings from years ago and not deliver. This doesn't mean that trying to evoke these feelings of nostalgia is wrong. Indeed, when it's done right, it can really help connect a game to its audience. Foxtail, currently in development with a recent campaign launched on IndieGogo, by Gintertips has a certain look to it already that brings up all the feelings of classic point and click adventure games from years back.

Even in its early alpha footage, Foxtail looks stunning. The hand-drawn animations are wonderful and the colourful pixel art is bright and evocative of the classic games that the developer is going for. The main character, a fox named Leah, has a very emotive and expressive look and so far the visuals capture a lot in the way she expresses herself to the world around her. The world itself seems to be rich and detailed so far, and uses pixel art in a masterful way.

While the game is very early in development, and still seeking financing, there's a lot of promise shaping up in Foxtail. Wanting to be reminiscent of class adventure games like King's Quest and Legend of Kyrandia, its ambitions seem to resonate with people already. Its Greenlight campaign was a resouncing success, needing only nine days to get Greenlit on Steam. Adventure games hold a special place for lots of players, and this looks to be something that will appeal to genre fans both new and old.

If the music from the IndieGogo trailer is a sample of the game's music, Gingertips have definitely thought big on where they like to go with this game. It's hopeful and yet at times solemn and reflective, mirroring the tone and personality they say they want to establish for Leah. Through her they want to tell a tragic and personal story about her life and struggles, as well as the world around her. They claim that you'll be able to have an effect on the world of FoxTail, which should be interesting if they can pull it off in a point and click adventure game.

The developer intends on having puzzles present a challenge to the player, and to include an option to remove any interaction prompts from the game for that classic feel. Keeping it as an option is a welcome concession, since some players may be turned off by the retro style, and want to have the prompts available to steer them in the right direction as they progress through the story.


The IndieGogo campaign has only recently launched, and there's a long way to go to reach the ideal goal of €60,000. With several weeks to go, it will be interesting to see how much support this game can drum up. I think any fans of adventure games are going to want to keep a close watch on this as it progresses, and I hope that it reaches its target release time frame of 2017. I have very fond memories of point and click games, and seeing something with such a genuine love for the genre is truly exciting.