Sometimes you just want to sit back and run a farm, and games allow us to do this without the more inconvenient aspects of that field of work. We can focus just on raising animals or crops and tending to the land before us. What games also allow us to do is experience this in a far more alien setting. Monomi Park's recently announced Slime Rancher goes one better than this by not only giving an alien setting, but also making that setting extremely adorable.

Set on a far off world, players play as prospective slime rancher Beatrix LeBeau, who has set out to make her life and fortune by raising the wiggly little beasts with the help of her vacpack, a combination vacuum, cannon, and backpack which will allow her to manipulate the objects and creatures in the world around her as she explores and discovers more of the world and all of its flora and fauna for her to tame and raise through each day.

The sandbox style gameplay promises to have you busy from sunrise to sunset as you face the challenges a new rancher on a distant world has. New kinds of slime to discover and raise, crops to tend and use as feed, and dangers await you as you go through the brightly coloured world around you.

I mentioned before that this game is adorable. With the colourful wiggly slimes and the bulbous, cartoony environments, the game has a really charming aesthetic to it. The slimes make adorable noises as you manipulate them around with the vacpack, and they have the more endearing facial expressions. Even the spiky angry ones look simply huggable.

The game promises a variety of different slimes to discover, as well as ways to create new breeds through science and technology. This progression should keep the game from getting stale, and hopefully the planned slime ecosystem plays out to be elaborate enough that managing your ranch is a worthwhile endeavour. Also in the works are a variety of customization options to personalize your farm, with corrals, silos, and other goodies to make the world your own as you stake your claim.

Slime Rancher looks impressive so far. Its adorable art is something that's going to attract the attention of players, and hopefully it reaches its ambitious goals in being a sandbox slime farming experience. Slotted for release in 2016, I'm eager to see how it develops, and I think it will appeal to people who are interested in a different sort of experience, not just those who enjoy farming games. Of course, if you like adorable games, this should be right up your alley.